Baby Boomers get Vitalized by
A Root, A Fruit and A Fungus!

With the front runner Baby Boomers now beginning to turn 65,

Anti Aging consumables for this generation continue to dominate

the market.

And it is obvious that the simple fact of growing older -

chronological aging - is relentless and unstoppable. But

Researchers studying the science of aging think it's time for a

new look at the biological process - one which recognizes aging

as a condition that can be manipulated, treated and even delayed.

And increasingly, Scientists are turning to the Natural World to

look for answers to slowing down, stopping, or even reversing

biological aging.

That's fantastic news for Baby Boomers!

And now that the Human Genome Map is virtually complete,

Scientists can look at natural organic compounds and their

positive effect on the genes which cause Aging.

What’s the Number One Sign of Aging?

We all change physically and mentally as we grow older.

But Energy loss is one of the first perceived signs of aging. And

the loss of energy can affect us physically, mentally and sexually. So how can Plant Based compounds help to Restore my Energy Levels

There are 3 compounds in particular that I’d like to share some

knowledge with you. 1) Cordyceps sinensis CS-4 Mushroom Mycelia


Seen on the Dr Oz Show where Cordyceps was ranked as ‘One of the

Top 5 cures’ and also quoted as ‘arguably, one of the most

valuable Asian medicines known’.

Cordyceps sinensis, sometimes known as ‘Caterpillar Mushroom’ in

North America, is a highly valued medicinal mushroom (fungus) in

traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is used to treat lung and kidney asthenia, heart disease and


Olympic athletes have also used it for performance enhancement. 2) Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is a plant whose natural habitat is in China,

Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

The root extract has been credited with many benefits including:

a) Regulation of the central nervous system

b) Recovery from fatigue

c) Improves sleep

d) Raises mental acuity

e) Regulates Blood Pressure

f) Assists in good Blood Circulation

g) Alleviates Coronary Heart Disease

h) Helps control blood sugar levels in persons suffering from Diabetes

i) Provides a boost to Metabolism

j) Improves muscle tone

k) Helps to decrease senility and improve memory

l) Increases libido!

Research has also shown that Panax ginseng is effective in

maintaining and restoring the cell's capacity to function - and

therefore may be considered useful as an anti-aging treatment.

It is an “adaptogen” supporting the body’s functions and

increasing its resistance to physical, chemical and biological

stress. 3) Punica granatum


Punica granatum (more commonly known as Pomegranate) comes from

a small fruit tree. The fruit contains many seeds, but they can

be eaten and taste pleasant.

Containing high levels of Vitamin C and Antioxidants,

Pomegranate, like Panax ginseng, has also been credited with

many health benefits including:

a) Stimulating Collagen production, resulting in a mild

thickening of the epidermis and dermis.

b) Prevents the breakdown of Collagen fibres

c) Positively impacts sun damaged and aging skin

d) Speeds wound healing Why Should I be interested in these 3 Ingredients?

Clever Scientists have been able to compound unique extracts of

these 3 ingredients and put them together in a capsule form to

take as a

Vitality supplement. The supplement has been formulated to address the sources of

age-related vitality loss. It’s also formulated to raise and

maintain Baby Boomer baseline energy levels for a long-term and

sustained increase in overall vitality.

And that includes Physical, Mental and Sexual energy!

Why Can’t I just eat these 3 Ingredients in my diet and obtain their benefits in that way?

The clever Scientists who put this supplement together know

exactly the right combination of extracts to use to get maximum

benefit from the product – and that way, you’ll benefit from

maximum Baby Boomers vitality! How Can I find out more about this Supplement?

You can find out a lot more about this Anti Aging Supplement for Baby Boomers here, and please do contact me if you’d like more information.

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