Skin Injectables:
Are They Right for You?

Skin Injectables

So, you wake up one morning, look in your mirror and see the

inevitable has happened.

And like millions of other people who have used anti wrinkle

treatments, you consider

using Skin Injectables to improve your appearance

What is A Skin Injectable?

These treatments can be used for people who are just

beginning to show signs of facial aging, but do not

want to use Cosmetic Surgery to enhance their

appearance. A decision not to have Cosmetic Surgery

could also be affected by a cost or time element. And

for these people, the wide selection of Injectables on

the market is preferable to having Cosmetic Surgery.

Best Anti Aging Guide provided information on Skin Injectables

Chemical Peels
and Skin Cancer Prevention

The benefits of Injectables include:

i)Being able to have the treatment in 1 or 2 visits –

many treatments are now marketed as ‘lunchtime

appointments’, suggesting that treatment is quick and


ii)The Injectable is normally administered through a

small gauge needle. So discomfort is minimal and no

anaesthetic may be necessary. (However, with some

treatments, a topical anaesthetic may be necessary – it

may all depend on the sensitivity of the area being

treated and what the patient prefers.

iii)Results tend to be fairly instant with minimal

bruising, redness or swelling.

The disadvantages of Injectables include:

i)Having repeat treatment every several months in order

to maintain the visual benefits.

ii)The cost implications of repeated treatments.

Which Type of Injectable is Right For Me?

The Cosmetic Industry Market has many brand names of

these types of Anti Aging treatments available for use.

Generally, they can be separated into 2 types:

A.Line and Wrinkle Correctors.

These are used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

B.Facial Fillers.

These are used to add shape and volume to the face. They can also

be use to restore structure. I’ve put together a List of different types of Injectables and information relating to them.

Remember to always take advice from your Skin Specialist.

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