Use Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream to Combat Wrinkles

Anti aging wrinkle cream is one of your best defenses in the fight to combat wrinkles, even if you have good genes and an excellent skincare routine.

Because from the time we are born, our skin has a tendency to wrinkle.

And even though new born babies have wrinkles due to time spent in the womb, they continue to form as part of the aging process. 

How do Wrinkles form?

Youthful skin has an abundant supply of collagen, elastin and fat which keeps it looking plump, hydrated and wrinkle free.

But over time, skin loses collagen and elastin from the dermis: the epidermis becomes dehydrated.  Both of these factors make skin start to break down, leading to stretch lines and a tired looking face and body.

So a good anti aging wrinkle cream will help to replace the collagen and elastin lost from the skin.

Fat cells may also start to break down in the skin, leading to a saggy and gaunt look.

Wrinkles can form when contracting muscles tug on the skin.  Eventually skin starts to crease……so laughter lines, frowns, forehead furrows and crows’ feet…..they’re all examples of wrinkles that have formed over a period to time.

So it doesn’t seem to matter……being happy or sad may still inadvertently lead to the same end result.

And even if you’re genes make you look much younger than your actual age, environmental damage will cause skin aging at some point.

Here are a few things we can all do to protect against wrinkles and skin aging........

Sun Protection delays wrinkles and Aging Skin

Sun protection and a good anti aging wrinkle cream play a major role in avoiding skin aging.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is responsible for skin damage, sunburn and wrinkles.

And Scientists know that sun damage causes changes in collagen and produces those nasty free radicals to be made in abundance.

So wrinkles can be a very outward sign that the sun may potentially be damaging your skin.

A couple of facts for you……………….

  1.  90% of skin damage ( including wrinkles) is caused by the sun
  2.   50 – 80% of sun skin damage occurs in childhood
  3.   A 2% increase in sun damage ages a face by 3 years.

So take advice from the Dermatology experts…. protection from harmful UV light is an excellent way of avoiding wrinkles and aging skin. 

Protection comes from:

* A Smart Sunscreen which recognizes the damage that comes from the UVA part of the light spectrum

*Polarized Sunglasses which give the correct amount of protection against UV light

* An excellent Anti aging Wrinkle Cream that boosts Collagen and Elastin production in the skin.

Avoid Smoking to give yourself the Best Skincare

If excessive sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkles, smoking follows a close second.

We all know smoking is bad news for skincare and it’s one of the biggest causal factors in wrinkle formation.

A few more facts for you……………            

  1. Nicotine dehydrates the skin because it is a diuretic
  2. Smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day over 10 years can add up                to 14 years of aging on a person’s appearance.
  3. Collagen loss is increased because smoking zaps the body of                Vitamin C…….the perfect recipe to form wrinkles!
  4. Smoking causes wrinkles to form quicker all over the body, not             just on the face!

We maybe all know at least one person who has smoked for much of their life……and their skin can definitely tell its own story!

Smoking free skin is your best weapon to fight wrinkle free skin

Do not smoke…….and if you do, try to give up pronto!                       Your face will thank you.

But if you do need some help, a good anti-aging wrinkle cream is a sound investment……….

Alcohol Accelerates Skin Aging

I’m not talking here about alcohol added to skincare products (although personally I do prefer alcohol – free skincare)…..

I’m talking about the stuff that is so easy to do to excess.

Alcohol will dry you out.

Yes, it dehydrates the body by hindering the production of anti-diuretic hormones, so your kidneys have to work twice as hard to remove excess water …….leaving skin dry and more prone to forming wrinkles.

And alcohol robs the body of the antioxidant necessary to renew and turnover cell production.

Resist wrinkle formation by staying hydrated with natural juices......  (Vitamin C is a great booster) and  by using an excellent anti aging wrinkle cream to counter – act the effects of skin dehydration.

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