Anti Aging Skincare - Does It Work?

Let’s be honest, Anti Aging Skincare will understandably compel

people to spend any amount of money to make themselves look and

feel better and younger.

The Topical Anti Aging Skin Care Industry alone is worth

billions of dollars: in 2006, the U.S cosmetics market was $50.9

billion, while the total European Union cosmetics market was

valued at $84.7 billion for the same year.*

And with sales of Anti Aging skin care products generally

expected to increase by 40 % within the next 5 years, this trend

isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

So, with the mega multitude of Anti aging skin care products on

the market, all offering you and me the best solutions in

skincare, where on earth do you start to make sure the product

does what it says it claims?

And the claims get ever more fabulous. Not that I have a

problem with that, because I’d readily want my skin to be as

line and wrinkle free as possible. But fabulous claims require

fabulous proof, and I’d want to be sure I can believe the claims


Collagen and Elastin Creams to the Rescue!

Let's start with creams.

Those containing for example, Collagen and / or Elastin is a

good example.

Most Anti aging creams are marketed as being able to do 3 things:

Minimise lines and wrinkles

Improve your skin’s hydration

Improve the Collagen and Elastin content of your skin

All with the sole purpose of making your skin look and feel


In fact, lines, wrinkles, Collagen and Elastin are marketed as

being inextricably linked – you can’t seem to have one without

the other!

So, most of the supposedly best Anti Aging skin care creams

(including Anti aging wrinkle cream) are marketed as putting

Collagen and Elastin back into your skin, fulfilling their

promise to you of eternal youth.

But do they?

Good Anti Aging Skincare begins with your Skin

* Global Insight: a study of the European cosmetics Industry, Nov 2007

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