Resveratrol - The Essential
Baby Boomer Supplement

Ok, I don't hide the fact that as a typical Baby Boomer, I want

to look young and feel young for as long as I can!

And I really want this web site to help you do the same too, if

that's your intention.

So when I came across this video about Resveratrol, the

information held me spellbound!

This is very exciting stuff!

I've put the video here for you to see.......

So, let me try and summarize for you………..

What is Resveratrol?

It's a kind of Antioxidant.

It’s also a Polyphenol plant chemical and a type of Phytoalexin,

which is a chemical compound that plants produce for self –


One example is that it provides a protective barrier against

disease and fungus in plants.

And it seems that it works in a similar self – defense

way in humans.

How does Resveratrol work in my Body?

Proteins in your body called ‘Sirtuins’ are produced naturally

to extend life under stressful conditions (such as severe

calorie restriction, or even starvation):

Sirtuins transmit signals to every cell in your body to cancel

out the effects of aging. They bring the processes that lead to

cell death to a crawl, buying your body more time to repair DNA


Components in this compound activate Sirtuin genes (recognized

as some of the ‘Anti Aging’ genes), and this helps to extend


And Science Research has shown that it gives protection

to many of the diseases which occur with aging, such as

Diabetes, Heart and Cardiovascular Disease, High ‘Bad

Cholesterol’ and Stroke.

Other scientifically studied benefits of this Supplement include:

i) It Improves Endothelial Function Leading to Heart Health.

ii) It Activates New Brain Synapses.

iii) It Inhibits the Formation of Fat Cell and helps Weight Loss

iv) It may help to prevent Eye Disease.

So what’s all this about Resveratrol and Calorie Restriction?

Scientific Research demonstrates that a Calorie Restricted diet

can extend lifespan.

The Research conducted includes Mice, Monkeys as well as ongoing

human collection data. All animals seem to live a healthier life

(for example, in humans, calorie restricted diets lead to a

lowering of High Blood Pressure) and their internal organs

function in a more youthful state.

But although the health benefits seem proven, Calorie

Restriction is difficult, requires huge amounts of discipline

and must be maintained for the long term.

Scientists refer to this Supplement as a Calorie Restriction

Mimetic (or CRM for short) because it mimics the substantial

Anti Aging effects of Calorie Restriction. In fact, it's proven

to be a very potent CRM.

The good news is that it appears to mimic Calorie Restriction by

turning on the Sirtuin genes. So people can get the same health

benefits taking this Supplement as with Calorie Restriction.

How Can I take Resveratrol into my Diet?

There are 2 ways you can take this beneficial Supplement into

your Diet:

a) Food selection

Most commonly found in the following foods:

Skin of red grapes


Blueberries, Bilberries, Cranberries

Another good option is Itadori tea. This tea is made from the

root of the Japanese Knotweed, and it is high in the health

giving benefits of Resveratrol.

b) Supplements

Existing in 2 forms, Trans and Cis,

The Trans form is the natural form.

The Cis form is synthetic.

The Trans is more effective than the Cis.

So ideally, a Resveratrol Supplement would consist of the Trans form, as well as giving you the correct

potency to be effective.

So increasing your intake could be one of the best Anti Aging

decisions you can make.