My 'Best For Skin' Review

I call this page my Best for Skin Review.
Here are 7 essential questions you can use to help you identify which companies offer the best products for your skin.

Does the company have a solid track record of scientific research?

Any company can do a clinical study by giving their product to 10 best friends and they all love it and they call that clinical testing!

But any company worth its salt will have individuals who are linking with industry to bring their research forward.

This question alone will distinguish many companies from one another.

And always remember that the Best for Skin Products come from the Companies that bring experts together to validate technologies and to test them to show that they deliver on their promises.

Does the company have a Scientific Advisory Board?

A Scientific Advisory Board is a group of esteemed scientists and business professionals, independent from management, which provides objective feedback and guidance on a company’s progress and goals.
A proper research based company will have a Scientific Advisory Board, one member of which should be a Dermatologist.
And the members of the Board can be easily made known to the general public.

Does the company subject its studies to Peer Group Review?

Peer group review involves sharing research data and writing with a group of peer readers who offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.Make sure the company you buy your 'best for skin' products from has published clinical studies through peer review journals and doesn't just have data sitting on file.
Good clinical study will open itself to peer group review through publication in a peer review journal.
And be wary of any company that has data just sitting on file: that may mean that the data was not good enough to publish!

Does the company list the Active Ingredients in its Products?

An active ingredient is the substance in the product that is biologically active.
That is, the substance that gives the beneficial effects of the product.
It may be the case that patents will protect very actively specific products, as these may be trade secrets.
However, an effective Product will mention the active ingredient(s) in some form.

How long does it take for the product to work and how soon will I start to see results?

The period of time a product takes to work will depend in part on the results you might expect to achieve:
For example, dark spots or Acne may be cleared up in a few days or weeks, whereas the treatment of deep lines or wrinkles may take several weeks.
But whatever the results are you want to achieve, your 'Best for skin' Products will always give a realistic time period as to when you should expect to see visible results.
I’m always impressed with before and after photos as they can tell the true story.
But always exercise discretion – digital enhancements can easily fool the most discerning eye!

Does this product(s) come highly recommended?

Always seek out customer reviews, recommendations and testimonials about the products before you buy.
A customer recommendation really is the best recommendation you can get -then you'll be able to buy with confidence!

Will I get a Money back guarantee if the Product doesn’t work for me?

The best anti aging products, including Anti Aging Creams, Supplements, and other Anti Aging Treatments, won’t just say when you will start to see positive results – they will give a solid guarantee on the product, provided you use the product to the manufacturer’s specification.

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