Body Care Treatments use Galvanic Therapy to Smooth, Tone and Tighten!

When it comes to the latest Body Care Treatments, Galvanic Therapy seems to be the buzz term right now.So I guess you've heard by now about the new fat busting gadget called the Galvanic Body Spa. But just in case you haven't, let me tell you all about this marvellous little Anti Aging gadget and the success I'm having with it!

The Galvanic Body Spa is a small, hand-held device which works on the principles of Galvanic Therapy. It's designed to target and remove areas of fat and cellulite from your thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. Produced by the company Nu Skin Enterprises (NSE), the Galvanic Body Spa is designed for home use to smooth, tone and tighten those body areas mentioned above.

How does the Galvanic Body Spa work?

As its name implies, the Body Spa uses galvanic therapy in the form of pulsating micro current to target the areas of the body where fat cells and cellulite accumulate.

It's one of the latest Body Care Treatments designed for use in the comfort of your own home.

The Body Spa's patented combination of pulsating micro current is optimized to produce Anti Aging effects on those areas of the body recommended for treatment.

And as the Body Spa is able to diminish the appearance of fat and cellulite, used consistently, you'll get your target areassmoothed, toned and tightened.

And because the Body Spa mobilises fat and cellulite, your skin will also be refreshed and hydrated - no more dimply orange peel skin!

The result? A more toned, smoother and firmer looking body.

How should the Galvanic Body Spa be used?

NSE recommend that the body spa be used once in the day, 3 times each week, over a period of up to 8 weeks for each target area.

The pre-settings programmed into the Body Spa free you from worries about timing, because a built in timer is part of its design.

The Galvanic Body Spa is used in conjuction with a patented Body shaping conductive gel to allow the galvanic therapy current to work its magic!

A once daily, 5 minute treatment, 3 times each week, is apparently all you need to see results.

There's also a daily body contouring lotion used after and between your Body Care Treatments.

This lotion is really good, because it contains some fantasticingredients, including Malvaceae, Hisbiscus and Honey extracts to exfoliate and stimulate your skin.

Other added ingredients help to increase cell turnover, and improve your skin's firmness and hydration.

So when you use the body contouring lotion after a treatment, your skin will be as soft as silk!

So, Does the Galvanic Body Spa really work?

Well, I'm using the Galvanic Body Spa to target my abdomen and arms.

And I'll post some photos in the next few weeks.

But look at Mary's amazing results!

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