Double Your Brain Power with Food!

It’s a Brain Power fact: “Healthy mind, healthy body:

healthy body, healthy mind.”

So in the same way that a proper diet is good for your body, so it

is for your Brain.

And the foods you eat, can, without question, influence your brain


Avoid that Brain Drain!

Your brain is the greediest organ in your body, with some quite

specific dietary requirements. So it is hardly surprising that

what you eat can affect cognitive function. And like any other

organ in your body, your brain also needs the correct fuel to

perform well.

But proper nutrition for your brain can be overlooked by a fast

paced lifestyle and often having to eat “on the go”.

Take for example, the effect of simple carbohydrates (such as

processed flour and sugary foods) on your brain and body.

These foods can cause a rush of sugar into the bloodstream,

causing Insulin to be released. Insulin works hard to “mop up”

all the excess sugar in your blood; the trouble is, Insulin is a

bit too efficient, and can cause blood sugar levels to plunge.

This is known as Hypoglycemia.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hypoglycemia can cause the release of

Adrenal Hormones which squeeze stored sugar from the

liver and send blood sugar levels back up. This is known as a

“sugar high”.

So the body goes on a blood sugar roller-coaster, with "sugar

highs" and "sugar blues." But it still doesn’t stop there,

because the ups and downs of blood sugar and adrenal hormones

may stimulate brain neurotransmitter imbalance, causing

irritability, inattentiveness, and even sleepiness.

And after all, people work hard to keep their body in good shape

for as long as possible, so why not do the same to increase

your Brain Power?