Collagen and Elastin Creams:
Can They Banish Lines and Wrinkles?

Skin Aging

You can see the effects of Collagen breakdown on this lady's skin.

This lady is from Darjeeling, so her skin has been exposed to high

levels of sun exposure.

At the time this photo was taken, she was about 94 years of age. This is one cause of skin aging.

Also, facial expressions such as laughing, squinting or frowning

speed up the skin's breakdown: the effect is cumulative so

eventually facial lines will appear.

That’s where the expression “laughter lines” or “smile lines”

comes from!

And collagen can be destroyed by sun damage! Collagen and Elastin Creams will not get rid of your Lines and Wrinkles

I’m sure you’ve noticed these proteins as key ingredients

in Anti aging skincare creams, particularly Anti aging Wrinkle


Well, it seems a good idea, doesn’t it?

After all, your skin contains these proteins; and their job is

to provide a structural framework for your skin as well as

provide Elasticity.

So if you use an Anti aging skincare cream containing these

compounds, your skin should absorb them and consequently look

and be younger. Right?


Compared to other tissues in your skin, these protein compounds

are large molecules - too large to penetrate the epidermis.

They don’t penetrate the skin at all, but instead just sit on

top of the skin.

And remember, it’s the Dermis where these proteins are

located – these large molecules would have to reach the Dermis

to help increase skin levels.

Consider also that their presence in Anti aging

skincare creams may not be the same as that found in your skin,

so they cannot become functional in their action.

So they don’t become part of the skin structure because they

cannot be integrated into the skin.

They do however have some beneficial effect because they form a

coating on the skin surface, helping to hold in moisture.

And some skincare companies try to maximize the moisturizing

effect by using Hydrolyzed protein in their Anti aging skincare


But please (and this is a big ‘but’) do not expect these creams

to strengthen your skin, restore its flexibility or banish

facial wrinkles!

Can Skin Replenish its Own Collagen and Elastin Levels?

A far better anti aging skincare strategy would be to encourage

your skin to replenish and maintain its own structure and avoid

the breakdown of structural proteins, which is characteristic of

Aging skin.

Your skin can then maintain its youthful appearance and you are

not introducing anything "foreign" into your skin.

Anti aging treatments are now available which work by

stimulating your skin to increase its protein content as

suggested in the sub title:

such treatments include the use of Copper peptides, laser

resurfacing, Glycolic peels and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)


So the Best Anti aging skincare creams take skincare to a new level by helping skin replenish its own Collagen and Elastin levels.