Restore your Energy Levels Naturally!

Do you ever feel tired during the day, or lack energy?

Or do you feel inactive and wish you had more ‘get up and go’ to

do all the things you want to do?

Or do you feel like you’re beginning to ‘slow down’ because

you’re not as sharp mentally, physically and sexually as you

used to be?

I’m sure you can remember situations, when you look back

and marvel at how much 'get up and go' you had.

Unfortunately, lack of energy is a sign of aging.

And the older we get, the less we seem to have.

So it seems inevitable that as we get older, we just run out of


The good news is that clever scientists have identified natural

anti aging plant products which can restore your energy levels

to those of younger days.

And they have been able to put those products together into a

convenient, daily supplement

which you can benefit from.

How amazing is that!!

Where Does My Energy Come From?

We know it comes from our food, especially food high

in carbohydrates (Imaging running a 26 mile marathon without

your body high in carbohydrate reserves!)

But in fact, the amount we get out of our food is

related to the numbers of mitochondria in our body cells.

Mitochondria can be described as the ‘Power Houses’ within our

body cells. They are the minuscule structures responsible for releasing energy

from food.

The number of mitochondria per cell can vary from a few to a few

thousand, but they are most prevalent in brain, heart and muscle


So for the many trillions of cells in your body, the

mitochondria are all frantically working.

But as we age, mitochondrial activity slows down.

And the result is we become tired and

fatigued more easily.

Until eventually, we feel that we have no

'get up and go' at all!

How can I Restore My Energy Levels?

A traditional ‘pick me up’ may involve drinking

a high caffeine soda or a strong cup of


But this creates a short lived ‘spike’ which when it goes down,

can leave you feeling worse than when you started.

You may prefer instead to have a snack. (If you’re

like me, it’s normally something smothered in chocolate!)

But it really doesn’t matter how many snacks you

eat, if your mitochondria can’t make use of your food.

Good news!

There are Natural plant compounds which can boost mitochondrial

activity very effectively.

One such compound is Cordyceps Mushroom.

Cordyceps is a highly valued mushroom in traditional Chinese


It’s used to treat fatigue and improve performance in athletes.

Another compound is Panax Ginseng. This root has been credited

with many benefits, including recovery from fatigue and raising

mental sharpness.

You can read more about Cordyceps and Panax Gingeng in my blog

entry here

So, these products can be taken in a supplement designed to boost

mitochondrial activity.

And you can find out all about this supplement here So when your mitochondria are boosted, you can again do all

those fun things in life.

Just like when you were 20 years old!

Take a look at these amazing testimonials of people taking this


• “ageLOC Vitality is amazing! After a day or so I noticed my

energy level was so high I wanted to work out. I am sleeping better and

can’t wait to get up. After two weeks, I feel like I did 15 years ago.

Mentally I can now focus and be at high intensity during appointments all

day without being exhausted. I love ageLOC Vitality!” Ann H.,– Dallas,TX

• “The second week taking ageLOC Vitality I really saw

improvement in my overall energy, and I saw significant improvement in

my workouts. I like to be active and play sports. I soon noticed a

dramatic difference in the amount of weight I could lift and how far I

could run. I’ve never taken another product that provides this type of

sustained, healthy lift for me.” Scott B.,– Highland,


• I am feeling incredible on our new Vitality product! For me

it is a great alternative to coffee, soda and energy drinks which would

give me "jittery" energy that I would crash from later in the day. They

also tend to be very acidic and hurt my stomach. After taking this

product I'm down from 3 cups of coffee per day, to just 1/2 cup in the

morning. And that's just habit- I don't even need it! The best part is, I no

longer get that "2:30 feeling" later. Eric K. – Las

Vegas, NV* So, if you’d like to try this supplement, contact me using the

form below and I’ll email you simple details of how you can try

this supplement for your self.

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