Epigenetics - a new Paradigm in the Science of Anti Aging

Epigenetics is a new paradigm in the Science of Anti Aging.

It's all about what makes you similar to the whole human

population, but unique as an individual.

And clever scientists are using natural, plant based extracts and

the new knowledge of

Epigenetics to produce fantastic Anti Aging products that really can slow down the aging process!

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How To Tell You from Me.........

You’re probably wondering what Epigenetics is all about.

I’ll try to explain in simple terms.........

Your body is made up of trillions of cells.

Cells are specialised to do specific jobs, but the majority of

cells contain a nucleus.

Inside each nucleus is found DNA;

Scientists know that DNA is made up of about 25,000 genes.

As human beings, we share many genes with the rest of mankind.

DNA is also a ‘genetic blueprint’ because some genes are unique

only to you.

You inherit genes from your parents, so many of your

characteristics which determine you as a person originate from

Mum and Dad.

You Are What You Are.......Not

Scientists used to believe that your ‘gene pool’ could not be

influenced by internal or external factors............’You are

what you are’ used to be the Scientific mantra.

That is why your Health professional may enquire about your

family health history to try to determine patterns of health

within a family.

However, some clever Scientists noticed that identical twins

under study (and keep in mind that identical twins have the

exact compilation of DNA) started to differ in many ways as they

progressed through life and started aging.

Scientists started to ask questions as to why this should happen.

After all, you’d think that identical twins would be identical

throughout their entire lives, wouldn’t you?

Scientists discovered that many of our genes are controlled by


Epigenes can be likened to little ‘switches’ that have the

capability of ‘turning on’ or ‘turning off’ gene activity.

So, Epigenetics is the study of how Epigenes control your gene


Look Ten Years Younger!

Results from work on the Human Genome Project allowed Scientists

to start working out which genes control which organs,

mechanisms and reactions in your body.

Other clever Scientists have worked out that of the 25,000 genes

in your gene pool about 160 have responsibility for skin


And Scientists have used their knowledge of Epigenetics

to produce a range of skin care products which influence the

Epigenes associated with the genes which control skin aging.

Take a look at these before and after photos of just a few of

the many hundreds of thousands of people using this line of


The results are staggering, aren’t they?

This line of skin care products can literally ‘transform’ your

skin and reverse all the characteristic signs of aging.

Facial lines and wrinkles will start to diminish.

Your skin will start to produce again its own Collagen and Elastin.

Your skin will be better hydrated, with more resilience and less

discolouration, giving a more even skin tone.

Mitochondria To The Rescue!

Clever Scientists have also helped to produce nutritional

supplements which slow down your body aging from the inside.

These supplements work on the mitochondria of each cell.

Mitochondria are those parts of the cell which help to produce


As we age, cell mitochondria don’t work as well as when we were


The result is that we have less energy and physical stamina.

Clever Scientists have worked out that of the 25,000 genes about

52 control mitochondria function.

So, by producing a supplement which helps to turn back on your

cell Mitochondria, you can have better mental acuity and

physical stamina.

And Epigenetics has helped Scientists produce this supplement!

Here's a video demonstrating this nutritional supplement in


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