Is Thermage Anti Aging Treatment
for Baby Boomers?

Thermage has become a very popular,

non-invasive, anti aging treatment.

It's a procedure that's been in use since 2000

and becoming increasingly popular for facial

work and other parts of the body such as

arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

What is this treatment?

Compared to other facial treatments that can be completed in the

privacy of your home, Thermage is a

procedure which uses the energy of Radiofrequency to remove fine

lines and wrinkles from the skin.

The medical term for this Treatment is Radiothermoplasty.

This indicates that Radiofrequency energy is used to heat the

collagen layer of skin, resulting in skin tightening and making

the skin surface smoother, more contoured and youthful.

How Does this treatment Work?

The Dermal layer of skin contains Collagen; these are

Protein fibres which provide a structural framework.

As skin ages, Collagen fibres break down, causing fine lines and

wrinkles to appear.

Thermage treatment involves using Radiofrequency energy

to heat the skin’s collagen layer, resulting in the

skin’s surface being tighter, helping to minimise fine

lines and wrinkles. The tightening effect on the skin

results in the skin’s surface being smoother and more


Treatment is administered using a ThermaTip wand whose function

is two-fold:

a)The wand delivers Radiofrequency energy to heat Collagen


b)The wand simultaneously cools and protects the outer layers of


The heating effect of the Radiofrequency energy causes the

existing Collagen fibres to contract, stimulating the formation

of new Collagen over time. This procedure will result in skin

tightening over time, with better tone, smoother skin and

visibly improved texture.

Clients should see very visible benefits around the

Jowl lines, Naso-labial folds, Chin, Forehead, Eye and

Crows feet areas.

The Procedure

Thermage treatment is given in your Qualified Practitioner’s


After removing make up and face cleansing, your

Practitioner may apply Anesthetic Cream to the area or areas to

be treated, depending on their client’s level of sensitivity.

Your Practitioner will then apply a grid to guide your treatment.

The ThermaTip provides a combination of cooling and

Radiofrequency energy; the energy is provided to the Dermis as

an energy pulse. Each time a pulse of energy is delivered, the

client may experience a brief heat sensation. This indicates

that the energy pulse is working to tighten and stimulate the

Collagen layer into producing new protein.

After treatment, clients can normally continue with

existing activities; your Practitioner may advice that you use

sunscreen after treatment.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

As with any Anti Aging Treatment, the cost will depend on your

location and the areas of skin to be treated.

Generally, a full face treatment may vary from $2000 to $5000.

A partial face treatment can vary from $1000 to $3000. What are the Advantages / Disadvantages of this treatment?

Advantages include:

i)Treatment is completely non – invasive, with no downtime.

ii)Thermage can be used on areas of the body which

may be difficult to treat, for example, around the eye area, or

acne scars.

iii)Clients having treatment may experience some instant initial

results: skin can appear tighter, firmer and smoother after the

first treatment.

iv)Clients should be able to resume normal activities

immediately after their procedure.

v)Clients should experience continued skin improvement several

months after having just one initial treatment.

vi)The results of 1 treatment may last for up to 2 years or

possibly longer.

vii)Can be used on a range of skin types and skin complexions.

viii)The appropriate treatment can give the client a ‘face lift’

effect without the risks of surgery.

ix)Treatment time normally lasts between 15 minutes – 2 hours,

depending on the area and level of treatment.

Disadvantages include:

i)Initial mild redness might occur on treated areas of skin.

However, this should disappear after a couple of hours, or a few

days at the most.

ii)Other apparent reported side effects might include

blistering, bumps and minor swelling. All of these should

disappear within a few days after initial treatment.

iii)Thermage may not work for everyone. Clients

with extremely loose skin (eg, very sagging jowls, very loose

neck skin) may not see the improvement they desire.

iv)Treatment would need to be repeated every couple of years in

order to maintain the beneficial effects.

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