Vitamin A:
The Baby Boomers' Helper to Young Skin

Vitamin A is a fat soluble Vitamin which your

body does not produce, so needs to be taken in through

your diet.

It is also an antioxidant vitamin. And Baby Boomers

love antioxidants because they help to keep your body

young and healthy.

When absorbed from animal food, the active form

of this vitamin is Retinol, which is a yellow, fat –

soluble substance.

When absorbed from plant food, the active form is

Retinal, derived from Carotenes (most commonly alpha –

carotene and beta – carotene).

So what are the Anti Aging benefits of Vitamin A?

i) It is essential for supporting healthy eye sight, bone growth

and a strong immune system.

ii) It is important in the life cycle of skin cells.

Retinol is converted to Retinoic Acid (also known as

Tretinoin or Retin-A) in your skin. Compared with the

skin enhancing benefits of other substances, Retinol

has a good track record of skin age reversal and acne

clearing benefits. Retinol also seems to increase skin

exfoliation, helping to clear blocked pores.

Research carried out at the University Michigan Medical

School demonstrated that applying this Vitamin to the skin

can improve the wrinkles associated with natural aging

and assist in promoting the production of skin-building


Their Research concluded that Topical Retinol improves

fine wrinkles associated with natural aging.

ii) As an Anti Aging Vitamin and antioxidant, it

assists in the process of skin repair by producing

enzymes that stabilize the production of Collagen.

How Can I get this Vitamin into my Diet?

Good sources of this Vitamin include:





Tomato Juice

Red, Yellow and Green Peppers

Full fat dairy products

Yellow / Orange fruit and vegetables: apricots, mango,

squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes.

Be aware though that taking too much in your

diet (such as over supplementation with capsules) can

lead to toxicity and in extreme cases may be life