Vitamin E:
Healing help for Baby Boomers'
Sun Damaged Skin

Supplements, Anti Aging Supplements

Vitamin E is fat soluble and not produced in your body, so needs

to be taken in through your diet. However, you don't need it

every day because any of the Vitamin your body doesn't need

immediately is stored for future use.

It is also an Antioxidant. And Baby Boomers love Antioxidants

because they help to keep your body young and healthy.

The term ‘Vitamin E’ is used generically: it actually describes

not 1, but 8 plant synthesized, fat soluble compounds. These

compounds fall into two classes, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols.

The most biologically active form is Tocopherol (alpha –

Tocopherol). So this is the only form recognized as meeting

human requirements.

It is synthesized only by plants, so is found primarily

in plant products, the richest source being plant oils.

So what are the Anti Aging benefits of Vitamin E?

i) Its antioxidant role protects against free radicals,

produced when food is turned into energy.

This antioxidant role has a positive benefit on many body

systems, including boosting immunity, and helping arteries from

becoming blocked.

ii) Its antioxidant role also helps to help make our skin look

and feel younger. Anti-aging creams and moisturizers containing

this Vitamin can have a positive effect, helping skin become

less dry and flaky. Research studies have demonstrated that

if applied topically to the skin, may prevent Ultra Violet (UV)

damage from the Sun.

How Can I get Vitamin E into My Diet?

While it can be taken as a Vitamin supplement, it is also

found in abundance in certain foods. They include:

• Spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as asparagus

• Seeds and nuts, especially almonds

• Avocados

• Olives

• Certain oils such as red palm oil and vegetable oils

• Wheat germ.

Diet is the best way of getting Vitamins naturally from foods if

you don't want to take supplements.

Be aware though that taking too much into your diet

(such as over supplementation with capsules) can lead to

toxicity and in extreme cases may be life threatening.